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Welcome to the A840 Telemetry Gateway!

This is the opening page of Adcon's Telemetry Gateway, model A840. Starting from here you can configure your Gateway. If you have Internet access, you may also want to visit Adcon's web site for additional details.

System Requirements for Configurator

In order to be able to use the Gateway's configuration utility, you will need:

  • Any computer able to run Sun's Java Virtual Machine 1.5 or any compatible JVM. For additional details visit Sun's Java web site. You can download from there JVMs for popular operating systems as MS Windows, Linux and Solaris.
  • You will also need Sun's Java WebStart installed on your computer (note: JVM 1.5 includes the WebStart technology, so you don't have to download/install it separately). The Java WebStart technology for several platforms is available from Sun's web site.
  • If you can't directly access this gateway (for example, use a router with NAT/PAT activated or an SSH tunnel), you need JavaScript enabled in your browser or the WebStart application won't be able to find the Configurator (note: this is the case if the URL used to get to this page does not match the gateway's real hostname and/or port).

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